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Vista Radio is committed to identifying and removing barriers to accessibility for our employees, clients, and our communities. We are committed to treat all individuals in a manner that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. This commitment involves identifying and removing barriers to accessibility for our employees, clients, and audience within our local communities. This commitment is not only a reflection of our values at Vista Radio, but it also aligns our goals of the Accessible Canada Act (“the ACA”).

Feedback Process

As part of our commitment to accessibility and removing barriers at Vista Radio, we are dedicated to addressing our communities’ individual accessibility needs and concerns. You can provide us feedback on the barriers you experience when dealing with Vista Radio or feedback that will help to inform our future Accessibility Plan.

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Descriptions of our accessibility feedback process are available upon request in the following formats: print, large print, braille, audio format, and other electronic formats. Please contact us:

How we respond to feedback

Your feedback is important to us. We will acknowledge the receipt of all accessibility feedback by the same means in which we receive it. We will follow-up with any required action within the timeframe noted in our acknowledgement.

How feedback will be used

Your feedback will only be shared with Vista Radio employees directly involved in furthering our accessibility efforts — and we’ll ensure confidentiality.

Your feedback will be considered as part of our efforts to continuously improve accessibility at Vista Radio. Your feedback and any actions taken will be tracked, and reported in Vista Radio’s annual progress reports, published in the years between accessibility plans.

We will retain copies of each piece of feedback for at least 7 years.

Accessibility Plan

View our:

Accessibility for MyTownWebsites

Vista Radio prides itself on an unparallel commitment to its community involvement and we are connected to our communities with thirty-nine MyTownNow websites. Vista’s MyTownNow websites gathers information from a variety of documents, publications and applications created by different authors and third parties. While this can sometimes lead to challenges in meeting accessibility standards, the Vista Radio works to collaborate with partner organizations to enhance the compliance of these materials.

Despite our continuous efforts, certain portions of our web content might not be entirely accessible.

This includes:

  • documents exclusively available in PDF format
  • scanned documents
  • pages that display inconsistent designs, navigation or features

We are ready to provide alternative document formats upon request. To request a document in an alternate format, contact us at:

* There may be times where alternate formats are impractical due to technical or cost limitations.