Vista Radio Embraces innovation.

We are the first broadcaster in Canada to embrace cloud based music distribution. Our stations have the ability to be fully controlled from a mobile device from virtually anywhere in our communities. Our content can be created from any station and distributed automatically to any other station. Our digital platforms bind our communities together and provide our advertisers and listeners with unique opportunities to interact.

We think walls are made to keep people out, so as we rebuild our stations we are knocking those walls down and placing our on-air talent right beside the front door where they should be: accessible, approachable.

We are Canada’s most innovative radio company.


Connecting our communities. Vista Radio prides itself on a fresh vision of broadcasting.


Vista Radio makes a promise to every community we call home. We will make a difference.

Canadian Music

Every one of our stations are committed to promoting and supporting local talent.


Start an exciting career in Canadian radio broadcasting with Vista Radio.