Our Commitment

Connecting our communities


Vista Radio makes a promise to every community we call home. We will make a difference. We will not simply be part of a community–we will serve it.

We recognize how important it is to support our communities. Our stations make a difference everyday by

  • supporting more than 10,000 community events annually.
  • generating more than 1.5 million dollars for local charities annually.
  • providing more than 6000 hours of local news annually.
  • donating more than 50,000 commercials every year to charity and community organizations.
  • volunteering more than 15,000 hours in their communities every year.

We’re proud of the impact our radio stations have on our local communities.

Local Economy

Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team, and the support of our listeners and local businesses, our radio stations remain a vibrant part of their communities.

Inspiring action in communities across Canada


Our radio stations across Canada have implemented initiatives and encourage their communities to go green at work.

We are continually taking steps to improve our environmental commitment.

  • Offices use energy efficient lighting
  • Station vehicles are low emission and economical
  • Ink and toner cartridges are recycled
  • Purchase of remanufactured items
  • Company wide green purchasing policies
  • Digital storage solutions
  • Programming includes the broadcast of public services environmental messages and eco-aware content

Radio, The Environmental Medium

There is no question, radio is the most environmentally friendly medium. Radio doesn’t use paper to deliver our product unlike newspaper, direct mail, or other flyer based approaches. You do not require large short term equipment like televisions or computers to enjoy radio.

  • New York Times consumes over 50,000 trees in one Sunday edition.
  • Every 5 years the average household TVs and computers are replaced which adds 4750 tonnes of lead, 4.5 tonnes of cadmium, and 1.1 tonnes of mercury to landfills across Canada.
  • Radio devices do not become obsolete and can be used for many years reducing e-waste.
  • Radio does not contribute to visual noise pollution.

Connect With Us


Vista Radio makes a promise to every community we call home. We will make a difference.


Accessible, approachable, we are Canada’s most innovative radio company.

Canadian Music

Every one of our stations are committed to promoting and supporting local talent.


Start an exciting career in Canadian radio broadcasting with Vista Radio.