DARA FM – In Celebration…

By February 18, 2014September 18th, 2014News

DARA    FMx350In celebration of our Huntsville Ontario Gold Medal winning Dara Howell, we have officially changed from Moose FM 105.5 Huntsville to 105.5 DARA FM for the day!!! (Feb 11, 2014)

Dara has always found the time to drop by the station and share what she was up to and to give a shout out to her fans.  In turn, she has brought so much energy, buzz, and joy to this community, we figured a ‘Dara Day’ was the least we could do to say,

Thank you!!   Congratulations Dara! You have made your hometown station and everyone back here in Huntsville very proud!!


Brian James
Format Music Director – Hot AC
Program Director/Afternoon Drive