Vista Radio shares love of local with southern Alberta

By October 4, 2012September 15th, 2014News

Vista Radio has expanded its presence in Alberta with the acquisition of 93.7 Power FM in Medicine Hat.

“We’re excited,” said Vista Senior Vice President, and co-founder, Paul Mann. “This is our first Christian format station so it’s something of a new experience in terms of learning to understand the faith community and what they look for in a good local radio station.”

The purchase has now been completed with full approval from the CRTC.

“This newest member of the Vista family already shares a lot of common ground with our philosophy of local relevance,” reasoned Mann. “Regardless of what you play in terms of the music, it’s what happens between the songs that so often makes an incredible difference in connecting with community.”

Mann says this is an exciting time, not just for Vista, but for the community of Medicine Hat and the staff at Power FM.

“We’re thrilled with their passion and their enthusiasm in these early days. They’re all extremely determined to create success and we love to see that,” Mann said. “Their efforts, combined with the additional resources we’ll deliver to Medicine Hat, will create a real bright spot on the dial at 93.7.”

Plans for refreshed imaging, new genre-specific programming and stronger marketing are in motion.

“I think the image of the station going forward can be put down to two words, which everyone has embraced,” said Mann. “It’s what the station means in the community and to the faith audience in Medicine Hat, and that simply is: uplifting radio.”

Vista Radio now operates four licenses in Alberta, 34 in British Columbia, and one in the Northwest Territories. The acquisition of 24 radio stations across Ontario is currently before the CRTC.